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          Iris 13 was previously known as "Destiny" which was a band formed in 2009. With time, the band (Destiny) faced a lot of change in its band members and musical style. So during this period, the members of Destiny like Vineet Roy, James Barla and Ashish Tiru decided to start a side project called "Iris 13" where they could experiment with a new genre with like-minded musicians so as to form a proper new band.


          Once ready with a new line-up in Iris 13, Destiny was disbanded and Iris 13 was started in the September-October of 2016 with Asim Anugrah Ekka on guitars, James Barla on guitars, Nikhil Minz on bass, Nipun Minz on drums and Vineet Roy on vocals, while Ashish Tiru continued as the band's manager.

          Since its formation, the band has been travelling on and off between Bangalore and Ranchi. This is because some members were in Bangalore due to their studies, while some in Ranchi. The band has performed all over India with doing shows in Bitotsav of BIT Mesra, Srijan of IIT Dhanbad, Spring Fest of IIT Kharagpur, Alcheringa of IIT Guwahati, Thundermarch of NIT Silchar, Strawberry Fields of NLSIU Bangalore, St Xavier‟s College Ranchi along with other concerts in Bangalore, Bhopal, Diphu, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Ranchi; where they have shared the stage with many Indian and international metal bands.

          In early 2020, Nikhil Minz and Nipun Minz decided to quit the band leaving the place of bassist and drummer empty in the band.

Nonetheless, the remaining three members Asim Anugrah Ekka, James Barla and Vineet Roy still decided to continue as a band and are more than happy to successfully release “Blackout” on 29th November 2020. They are now looking forward to releasing Transmute in mid-2021, which will be their full-length album.



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